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Goode Investment Management, Inc., founded in 1999, is an investment management firm dedicated exclusively to meeting the fixed income, stable value and money market management needs of our clients. Recently we expanded our service to smaller corporations, businesses, high net-worth and individual investors.

Goode Investment Management is a MBE and 100% owned by its President and CEO Bruce T. Goode. We bring more than thirty years of financial market experience to bear on our clients' behalf and we manage assets with an unswerving commitment to the highest standards.

Goode Investment Management Guiding Principles:

We insist on quality, integrity and diversity in our portfolios, our process and our practices. We are acutely aware of the efforts our clients took to raise the capital they have entrusted to us, and our first and foremost objective is to protect the value of that capital. With a clear understanding of our clients' unique objectives, our objective is to assemble and nurture portfolios that help them reach their goals with the least possible risk.

Investment Philosophy:

Our investment philosophy centers on protection of principal. That is our first and foremost priority.

To put that philosophy into practice, we emphasize credit quality above all else. We insist on high quality and ample diversification in the underlying investments we use to build our portfolios and undertake thorough, independent and recurring reviews of all the issuers and wrap-providers we use or may use.

Regardless of the product under discussion, we never lose sight of our client's ultimate goals, which brought them to the stable value arena in the first place: stability of principal, enhanced yield and no unpleasant surprises.

Within these limits, we aggressively manage our portfolios to exploit opportunities for incremental returns, seize relative-value opportunities, identify attractive guaranteed, synthetic & money market instruments, provide ample liquidity, and adjust to changes in a dynamic market.

We have achieved consistent top returns by rigorously controlling risk, applying broad fixed income, relative-value skills and buying opportunistically to enhance returns.

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